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Lucine Likes Going on Vacation & Coming Home……. Main Photo

Lucine Likes Going on Vacation & Coming Home…….

Posted: February 12, 2020 by Lucine Spheeris

Over the years I have read articles about the benefits taking a vacation, often I hear about the health benefits like lowering stress and overall mental health. While on a recent trip to the Bahamas, I realized on other terrific benefit…coming home.  I did love being away and enjoyed the beach, sun and meeting people from different countries. We’d share where we were from; not too many people heard about Oconomowoc WI. Their first response is that it is probably cold and snowy. My husband Jon described the Lake Country Area to the new people we were meeting. They all thought it sounded wonderful with all our Lakes, Parks, Recreational activities available and all the conveniences.  As Jon was talking, I realized that I truly love where we live. Admittedly, Spring, Summer and Fall are my favorite seasons!


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