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Lucine Likes...Our New LAKE Page

Posted by Lucine Spheeris on January 14, 2020 in  #ColdwellBanker  #weekend  Community  Lake Country  Lake Living  LucineLikes
Check  our new LAKES page at  Our new interactive page offers lake information, photos and aerial videos of lakes in the lake country area. Check it out at and click on LAKES on the top menu bar! ... read more
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Lucine Likes....Our New Look!

Coldwell Banker Rebrand is Fresh & Modern
Posted by Lucine Spheeris on January 08, 2020 in  #ColdwellBanker  LucineLikes

We are happy to embrace Coldwell Banker's new logo. Coldwell Banker has been a shining star for over a century, and our new North Star symbolizes this mark of excellence -a beacon guiding the way home. Our stellar commitment to exceptional quality continues with an emphasis on  technology innovations support services and growth opportunities. Look to our North Star for a future of brilliant possibilities. We're leading the way home - a place we all long to be!

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Lucine Likes..... Riding Horses

Jon Spheeris back on the buggy after 30 years!
Posted by Lucine Spheeris on December 11, 2019 in  Horses  LucineLikes

The real horseman in the family is Jon Spheeris. He not only lists and sells equestrian properties, he is an avid horseman. His sister Ellen was an accomplished rider. Soon Jon and his brother shared her interest and even built their own barn! After all these years, he's still got the knack for riding and driving a buggy.

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Lucine Likes.......LJ Survivors Foundation Event

LJ Survivor Foundation
Posted by Jon Spheeris on October 30, 2019 in  Events  Lake Country  LucineLikes

A couple weekends ago, I attended the LJ Survivors' Event. What a great cause and I was just so impressed by all the people who attended and were there in support! What a great community we live in!

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